Dig into even tight spots with our Compact Backhoes. They’re smaller in size but big in terms of capability and durability.

  • Mount in minutes
    Our Quick Attach system lives up to its name, letting you mount your backhoe to the tractor subframe fast
  • You’ll dig this
    Joystick control levers let you control exactly where and how deep you need to dig
  • Bucket list
    Standard bucket sizes range from 10″ – 36″ to let you choose the one that fits your tasks
  • Dig deep
    Digging depths from 78″ – 123.5″ plus multiple bucket options let you essentially design your own backhoe
  • Big boomswing
    Dual swing cylinders are 2.5″ – 3″ in diameter and 16.75″ long to produce the generous 180° boomswing of most Massey Ferguson backhoes

Backhoe Options:

  • CB65 – 6.5’ digging depth
    GC Series tractors
  • CB75 – 7.5’ digging depth
    1700E and Premium Series Tractors
  • CB85 – 8.5’ digging depth
    2700E Series tractors