Our goal at Low Country Machinery is to provide you and your company with heavy equipment attachments which will increase your productivity while saving you money. We have partnered with industry leaders to ensure that all of our attachments exceed OEM quality standards.


We supply standard or custom type buckets to fit any machine and application, such as skid loaders and excavators. Built for the toughest conditions, they are durable and long lasting.

Replacement Loader Buckets - Gridiron - Pooler, GA

Grapple Buckets & Root Grapples

Root Grapples
The design of a root grapple itself allows dirt and sand to fall to the ground while larger pieces of wood, rubble, and debris remain in the bucket. The grapple tines on the end of the bucket curve upward to prevent contents from spilling onto the ground. The curvature of the tines also has another important benefit. It prevents utility lines and cables from being snagged during trash cleanup and tree removal after storms.

Grapple Buckets
Ideal for land clearing. Their ability to uproot tree roots that are still in the ground and carry them away helps clear areas around buildings fast and efficiently. They are excellent tools for clearing away debris after demolition work has been done. Excess construction debris can be quickly removed with grapple buckets. In areas where storms have devastated foliage, they are essential tools in the cleanup of storm debris. Grapple buckets are also a vital mainstay of landscaping projects. They are used from everything from clearing out brush to moving earthworks.

Root grapples and grapple buckets feature a number of benefits that make them dependable, rugged tools for tough construction and cleanup operations. They are designed with hydraulic cylinders that allows the bucket the flexibility to adjust itself to the diameter, circumference, and unequal weight distribution of cumbersome and uneven loads. This prevents the unit from becoming top- heavy. It also helps extend the life of the unit. To further minimize wear and tear on the grapple bucket, hydraulic cylinders, hoses, and fittings are protected with covers. All pivot points are lubricated with grease zerks to maintain flexibility and avoid stress to moving parts. To accommodate an optional bolt-on-blade, cutting edges are punched so the blade fits securely to the grapple bucket. Additional tines can be added if the space between existing tines is too small. This is often done when moving piles of rubble or in landscaping work where a large amount of leaves, twigs, and other small trash items have to be gripped firmly to avoid spillage.

  • Demolition grade grapple buckets make heavy-duty work faster and safer.
    If you are fitting a grapple bucket to a track style skid steer, 70hp or greater skid steer, or skid steer rated at or above 3,500 lbs., we recommend you invest in a demolition grade unit.
  • Demolition grade units feature cylinder hoses routed in an enclosed tube.
    This built-in covering provides much needed heavy duty protection for fittings in heavy industrial applications.
  • Demolition grade units offer larger capacity for uneven and extremely heavy loads.
    Reinforcement gussets, and reliable performance is ensured by heavier component manufacture throughout. Grapples on these buckets open wide for full loads. The bottom of the bucket is reinforced by steel plate ribs measuring ½ thick.

Additional options for demolition grade grapple buckets include end plates that contain loose materials and raised rings that protect grease fittings from damage.

Note: Some manufacturers will not share dimensional information of their products to an after market manufacturer in fear of direct competition. Therefore it may be necessary to obtain the information from the machine itself. The needed hookup configuration measurements can be obtained from the existing bucket configuration.


Forklift Forks

  • Over 9000 pairs available for same day shipping
  • Sizes vary from from 1x2x36 up to 4x10x120
  • 34 different Full Taper and Polished sizes in stock
  • Special orders can be ready to ship in as little as 5 days
  • ITA class I, II, III, and IV available
  • Made from high strength, high carbon steel
  • Meet and exceed industry standard: ANSI/ITSDF B56.1-2009

Bucket Forks

  • Attach in seconds without tools
  • No hardware needed
  • Heavy duty, larger mounting shafts
  • Fits all types of loaders
  • Load capacity from 1,500# to 28,000# available in 19 sizes
  • Kit includes: 2 forks, 1 shaft and mounting brackets
  • Extra mounting brackets available for using forks with other units

Pallet Forks

  • Several sizes and styles to fit all makes and models machines
  • Variable widths to match all your requirements
  • Heavy duty construction meets or exceeds industry standards
  • Available for most models of quick couplers or pin-on mounts


Universal and Pin-On thumbs are available for most excavator weight classes, backhoes, and mini excavators. A hydraulic option is also available for most models.

Thumbs are excellent for demolition, material handling, bush, and waste removal. Our thumbs easily mount on the excavator stick and are used with the existing bucket.

The main advantage of the universal mount thumb (Hydraulic or Mechanical) is that it allows for quick and easy installation, operating independently from the bucket. Universal thumbs come with their own “universal” mounting plate, which welds onto the excavator stick. This plate attaches the thumb’s stiff leg to the stick and allows for adjustment of the thumb’s position in relationship to the stick. The thumb and stiff leg can be transferred to any machine fitted with the matching mounting plate.

Pin-on thumbs (Hydraulic) allow for greater handling and material control due to the fact that the thumb is mounted on the bucket pin center. Pin-on thumbs are popular with contractors who require the best control when grasping and placing materials such as stone and culverts with minimum damage to the construction materials.


Hydraulic hammers are powerful tools used in demolition and construction. Since liquids cannot be compressed, the force when the hydraulic oil is put under pressure is instant and powerful. A piston moves up and down to create the pressure inside a canister where the oil is stored.

Hydraulic hammers are much more powerful than their hand-held jackhammer counterparts, and are appropriate for jobs where the force wont cause damage to surrounding buildings or work places. They can be used as pile drivers, diggers, demolition tools, and quarry tools. The force of the hammer is varied by factors such as the size of the hammer and the force of the piston stroke.

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